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CreditChek uses Webhooks to communicate updates on requests initiated with our Income service API for you to kick off additional workflows based on these events. Due to lengthy period it takes for our AI service to successfully process your customer uploaded statement, CreditChek submits a POST request to the designated Webhook URL with updates about the transaction.

Your endpoint should respond to webhooks as quickly as possible. To acknowledge receipt of a webhook, your endpoint must return a 2xx HTTP status code. This status code should only indicate receipt of the message, not an acknowledgement that it was successfully processed by your system. Any other information returned in the response headers or response body is ignored.

Supported Events

Sample webhook for PDF upload
"event": "pdf_upload",
"data": {
"success": true,
"pageCount": 14,
"accountName": "Test Jorm",
"accountNumber": "7160010613",
"accountType": "savings",
"bankName": "fidelity bank",
"bankCode": "070",
"pdfUrl": "https://res.creditchek-africa/image/pdfStatement/62877574ae22b03091_070_savings_fidelity%20bank.pdf",
"bvn": "22357999900",
"borrowerId": "64c8b66302ed6ac59be6fa44"

Income Service Events

Here, we'd be describing the various events that can be triggered by our Income service.

pdf_uploadThis notifies you when a PDF statement has been uploaded successfully
income_transactionThis webhook event is sent if it's enabled on the dashboard, it contains the transaction details of a pdf after it has been parsed. It's not a required event to analyze the insights, but it's useful for auditing and record-keeping purposes.
income_insightThis event contains the insight successfully gathered from your customer statement uploaded. This webhook contains all the information gathered from our analysis but you could also call this endpoint To get an existing Insight Data on a successful insight hit.
income_insight_failureThis event returns an error update, should an error occur on our end in the process of analyzing your customer bank statement.