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Get borrower's linked accounts

This endpoint allows you to see the list of bank accounts linked or associated with a borrower. Sometimes, it is recommended for the borrower to upload more than one bank account statement (or link more than one bank) as a way to bolster their chance of showing better financial health towards that loan application they desire. It is also helpful for the lending business to have a better overall financial health of their customers with the power of CreditChek's RADAR service.


Request Parameters

tokenHeadersTrueapp public key
borrowerIdbodyTrueencrypted borrower ID
Example Request
curl --location --request POST '' \
--data-raw '{
"borrowerId" : "NwRaSqJBYiQ+JF2MBvjeubbWAi3q22s8pxhL2SDvIj0="
"status": "success",
"message": "success",
"data": {
"monoId": "",
"institution": {
"name": "unionbank",
"bankCode": "032",
"name": "NUGACHI AUKI",
"accountNumber": "2085336419",
"type": "savings",
"currency": "NGN",
"balance": "22720",
"bvn": "",
"isavailable": "false",
"lastTransactionDate": "2022-12-24T14:08:45.570Z",
"_id": "6304b76c2d25db6570276267",
"borrowerId": "628ca96b43274cc1d5366b2b",
"businessId": "6287757348cc6c0013f4d0a0",
"__v": 0,
"createdAt": "2022-08-23T11:18:03.969Z",
"source": "pdf",
"updatedAt": "2022-08-23T11:18:03.969Z"