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Delete Linked Account

As part of maintaining clean and reliable data infrastructure, old or inaccurate bank account/statement data can now be deleted or removed to allow for fresh accurate data upload or linkage. This endpoint allows your business to delete such uploaded bank account data when it's suspected to be valid for purge or inaccurate for a fresher or correct upload.


Request Parameters

tokenHeadersTrueapp public key
appIdbodyTrueunencrypted app ID
borrowerIdbodyTrueunencrypted borrower ID
accountNumberbodyTrueaccount number
Example Request
curl --location --request DELETE '' \
--data-raw '{
"appId" : "6287757348cc6c0013f4e0c2",
"borrowerId" : "6287757348cc6c0013f4e0c3",
"accountNumber" : "2214649016"
"status": "success",
"message": "Account deleted successfully"