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Submit borrower data (consent & onboarding link)

Due to privacy and data protection (NDPR & GDPR), this endpoint implies consent (user permission data) given by the borrower and helps onboard the borrower with these details on your Creditchek business dashboard to perform other assessments.


Request Parameters

appIdbodyTrueyour app ID
bvnbodyTrueuser bvn
fullNamebodyTrueuser full name
emailbodyTrueuser email
phoneNumberbodyTrueuser mobile no
genderbodyTrueuser gender
residentialAddressbodyTrueuser address
residenceTypebodyTruee.g owned, rented, temporary
maritalStatusbodyTruesingle, married, divorced
dateOfBirthbodyFalsedate of birth

Optional paramters include: occupation, guarantorName, guarantorEmail, guarantorAddress, guarantorPhoneNumber, employerName, employerAddress, loanAmount and loanTenure

Example Request
curl --location --request POST '' \
--data-raw '{
"fullName": "Lionel Orishane",
"email": "[email protected]",
"phoneNumber": "09070822819",
"bvn": "22447917803",
"residentialAddress": "PH, Rivers State, Nigeria",
"residenceType": "owned",
"appId": "622dff1cfea683001b7cc977",
"maritalStatus": "single",
"dateOfBirth": "18/02/2001",
"gender": "male"
status: true,
data: [Object],
message: "successful",
error: false